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Ann Coulter/Anal C*nt parody stickers

Image of Ann Coulter/Anal C*nt parody stickers


Still available for purchase at!

Conservative media's favorite hatemonger coincidentally shares initials with grindcore's most notorious band, but perhaps Ann Coulter and Seth Putnam (the man behind Anal Cunt) have even more in common. After all, they both made careers out of being offensive and inciting anger from audiences. But while AxCx may have been fueled by satire, Ann Coulter appears to only fuel ignorance. "Liberals Should Be KILLED" has already more or less been said amongst her countless inflammatory remarks. (Can you tell the difference between her quotes and AxCx songs? Follow @AnalCoulter on Twitter.)

Stickers are printed with red and black ink on white weatherproof vinyl. Now available in two sizes! Small stickers are 4.25" × 1.38". Bumper stickers are 8.5" × 2.75". You will receive five (5) small stickers or two (2) bumper stickers for $4.99. You may also also choose to receive five (5) bumper stickers for $9.99. Please select below. Postage paid in US. Flat postage per order outside US. (AxCx t-shirt not included.)

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